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Dear Prospective Patient

I have no doubt that there are several adjectives to describe the work that Dr. Rattiner does, however I haven’t found one that is adequate to describe the help that he has given me. I came to Align the Spine in the spring of 2007. I had been to numerous doctors and had gotten no relief for the back pain that I have suffered for at least 40 years.

After my initial x-rays and evaluation, Dr. Rattiner explained exactly what is wrong with my back, how it affects my entire body, and how, together, we can make the quality of my life so much better. He also explained this to my husband, which turned out to be a great help. Over the years I have never had anyone actually go into detail about my condition. By explaining how each nerve is connected to the spine what they do in the body, and by aligning the spine, the body will heal itself. How very true this has turned out to be.

He has not only helped my back in ways that are too numerous to detail, he has helped other parts of my body, internal and external. I have suffered with problems with my feet for several years, seeing a Podiatrist and even having surgery on one foot, but did not receive the relief that I was looking for. In just a few adjustments, Dr. Rattiner has made it possible for me to resume my favorite past time of hiking with my husband of 52 years.

With proper adjustments, he has relieved my indigestion and heart burn. How surprised I was when he told me that he could “fix this.” Also with adjustments, my sinus problems have improved.

Being an older women and knowing that a lot of my symptoms were natural and come with age, I had just about decided that I was gonna have to live with some of my problems, very unwillingly. Dr. Rattiner has changed all of this. Being a Great Grandmother, I need all the energy and strength that I can muster to enjoy the little ones in our family. And he has given me this.

I’m sure that, with God’s help, there isn’t much he can’t do. He has certainly improved the quality of my life, and shown me that age is not a barrier to the things that you really enjoy doing. My only regret is that I didn’t find him a long time ago.


Anne L Hicks

Lawrenceville GA


Dear Prospective Patient

When my right hip made every step painful, I simply could not go to another doctor and take yet another pill. I started to think: “Here we go again, one more problem I have to accept and just deal with it.” (I have several chronic illnesses that make my life a challenge every day.) When my friend told me about Dr. Rattiner, I was hesitant. Praise God, she persisted, and my prayer was answered.

I know a little about Chiropractic, but had never seen an activator. It seemed silly to think that little thing could possibly do much of anything. I have been proven wrong. I can stand up and take that first step without fear of pain. I noticed also that I feel better in general. Not surprising when I think about it. I believe that our bodies are created with the ability to heal themselves, if only we could just get out of the way. Every signal my brain sends out travels through my spine. Energy is vital to life, and when that flow is blocked, trouble follows close on its heels. I had come seeking relief for my hip, but I have received much, much more. My chronic neck problem has been alleviated as well. In addition, my frozen shoulder is no longer frozen. Even my insulin seems to work better.

Just as important, if not more so, is the mental side of all this. Everyone in this practice has been so nice, so encouraging and helpful - a diminishing quality in these modern times. Their genuine concern for me and their willingness to work with me is wonderfully encouraging. I would recommend Dr. Rattiner to anyone in need of healing. I so appreciate his humility and his ability. As he is prone to say, “The power is on, and you are set.” I will put it this way. This is the only medical appointment I actually look forward to. I believe he can help just about anybody.

Susan J Kemp

Lawrenceville GA



Dear Skeptics

I suffered from severe sinus allergies prior to my introduction to Dr. Rattiner and was on two to three allergy medications a day at the peak of pollen season. At Snellville Days, he had a booth set up and was doing free spinal exams. I described my symptoms and he immediately found the source of my issues, neck alignment. Dr. Rattiner asked me to do a follow up and with an x-ray to confirm his suspicions. I came in for my first treatment following the x-rays not being a believer in chiropractic therapy. Was I in for a surprise! After my first adjustment, my face felt numb as if I had been given Novocain. Within five minutes of leaving the office, I felt a strange sensation in my face and the top of my head in all of my sinus cavities. My sinuses were opening up slowly one by one with a sticky feeling as if they were coming unglued. I could breathe again! I am 50 years old and have not been able to breathe like this since I was in grade school. I am totally off Allegra, Claritin, Benadryl, Zyrtec, and countless other allergy medications that somewhat relieved my symptoms, but did not solve the problem. Thank you Dr. Rattiner, you should and will be praised for your work.

James Tighe

Snellville, GA



Dear Prospective Patient

For Years, I have suffered from constipation, bloating, and pain.  Even with doctor's recommendations of taking laxatives like Dulcolax (at least 4 tablets!).  In addition, it would take up to three days for relief.  I was beginning to think that six to eight days of constipation would be my way of life. Then in May, I began seeing Dr. Rattiner for back and neck pain (I have chronic migraines).  Now only about five weeks later, not only have my headaches decreased, but so has my problem with constipation.  I am able to have a "movement" at least twice a day!  For me, this is a minor miracle!


Tamara Siler

Atlanta, GA.

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