Angela Smallwood-Lacure

Physiotherapy Manager

Angela Smallwood-LacureMy name is Angela Smallwood-Lacure. I am the Physical Therapy Manager here at Progressive Healthcare of Gwinnett. Being a wife and mother or 2 preteen boys (Jovunta 12, and Joseph 13,) life can get stressful at times and that’s where my appreciation heightens for Chiropractic care. I’m a patient turned employee, which is truly a blessing. My boys and I have been patients of Dr. Rattiners since 2008 and recently my husband has started receiving care. Our chiropractic care has always been a priority and now I get to live it and see others quality of life improve as well. Both doctors at this clinic are genuine people first, and Chiropractors second, so you get double the care.

Young or old, who says you, have to live with pain. I came in getting care for tingling and numbness in my finger tips and other problems started correcting themselves. My acid reflux, low back pain, mid back pain and neck pain that I had from years of serving are all gone. Joseph diagnosed with allergies to trees and grass is now able to be a normal kid outside playing. So from experience as a patient, and an employee, I advise all to make chiropractic part of your life. It truly brings on a wealth of wellness.