Dr David Woolsey, DC

Chiropractic and Wellness Expert

Dr. David, born and raised in Michigan, moved to Georgia in 2002 to pursue a hockey scholarship and schooling in chiropractic studies. In 2012 he graduated from Life University in Marietta, Georgia, and became a board certified chiropractor in the state of Georgia.
Dr. David’s first encounter with chiropractic care was at the age of 12 when he suffered from a chronic upset stomach. After just two weeks of regular adjustments, he no longer suffered from that ailment. Over the next several years he continued to receive regular chiropractic care, which not only continued to improve his health, but also his recovery from various hockey-related injuries. It was later in high school that Dr. David realized how chiropractic changed his life. He began to notice that with regular care, his recovery time from injuries improved and it enhanced his overall health.
His personal experiences with chiropractic care and the success of regular adjustments created a true enjoyment of his work and a passion for his field. Dr. David is focused on his patients and understands that each patient has specific and individual needs. It is with great excitement that he has joined Progressive Healthcare of Gwinnett, allowing him to continue to spread his love and passion for chiropractic.
On a personal level, he enjoys hunting, fishing and playing golf. As an avid sports enthusiast, he enjoys following all Michigan sports especially hockey and football.